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The Importance of Weekly Therapy Sessions

I recently had the honor of contributing to a blog post created by Soul-Centred Psychotherapist and Eating Psychology Specialist, Jodie Gale.  In honor of National Psychotherapy Day (September 25), the article focused on the importance of weekly therapy sessions.  I was so excited to write on this topic as my experience with clients has shown that those who attend weekly sessions tend to feel the benefits of therapy much quicker and progress at a more rapid rate.  Therapists from all over the world contributed to this article as many are agreement with this stance.  Below I have included my contribution to the post.  If you are interested in reading the entire article, click here.  Enjoy!
“Are you sure your clock is working because there’s no way it’s already been 50 minutes.” Most individuals who have been to therapy can relate to this  statement. As cliché as it sounds, attending therapy is like unlocking  the emotional floodgates.  Everything that has been forced into hiding  is begging to come forward and be seen. The deep work that occurs in  psychotherapy can leave one feeling so consumed with emotion and insight  that they are completely unaware of anything else. While many expect  this heightened state of emotions to dissipate once the weekly therapy  session is over, it is not uncommon for it to begin creeping into the  other six days of the week. Those that have had the less than ideal  experience of bursting into tears in the middle of Starbucks can attest  to this. One of the amazing aspects of our psyche is that it is continuously  processing and attempting to reintegrate new experiences. This is very  useful for those that attend weekly psychotherapy sessions as it  frequently allows individuals to continue to explore their feelings and  develop new insights in between weekly sessions.  However, without the  security and safety of having a place to share these new insights and  continue to further process painful emotions, many individuals become  completely overwhelmed by their feelings.  It is as if these feelings  have no idea when we will acknowledge them so they take on a life of  themselves and attempt to get our attention as much as possible.  Weekly  psychotherapy sessions lessen those feelings as they gently remind our  psyche that it is guaranteed time and space to completely let go and be  seen by both ourselves and another trusted individual.  Lastly,  attending weekly psychotherapy sessions reminds ourselves that we are a  priority and need to regularly be attended to.  What an amazing act of  self-love!